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The Successful Method for Teaching the Chinese Writing

During my teaching practice I have seen many students from different countries who sincerely exclaimed: “At last I have started understanding the Chinese characters!”

The Chinese language is one of the simpliest world’s languages in terms of grammar. Speaking and tones are also relatively simple.

The most difficult aspect of the Chinese language is writing. What should be done to teach students effectively? What is the right and shortest way to solid writing skills? How to turn the difficult into the simple?

My answer to all is the Chinese character decomposition. It is the only teaching tool which makes the Chinese characters understandable and fills the writing process with delighted easiness.

In fact, is there a simplier method for teaching the Chinese characters other than the Chinese character decomposition:

汉字分解 Decomposition of the Chinese Character    bīn  ‘visitor’

 mián roof,
 zhǔ dot,
 mì cover,
 bīng army,
 qiū grave,
 hǎn cliff,
 yī one,
 gǔn line,
 yī one,
 bā eight,   


I wish great success to all Chinese language teachers and learners!

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